Ashley Hall




Anxiety/Depression/Adjustment Disorders
Grief and Loss
Child and Adolescent
Child (5-12)
Adolescents (13-17)
Adults (18-64)
Seniors (65+)

Personal Experience & Biography

When I partner with clients, I hope to uncover individual strengths innate within the client to enable them to reach their identified goals. Through consistent work from myself and client, we can identify cognitive patterns that are no longer serving the client well and create a new path/habits for their thoughts to travel. During this process, I will assist client in identifying environmental factors that support and hinder growth in order to make the best conditions possible for change.

When you meet with me you will have a calm place to land. I am very flexible, non-judgemental, and an active listener in my sessions. I usually have a smile on my face and sometimes can be known to share a punny joke or two!

I think it is the rapport and professional relationship I strive to build in the first few sessions. If clients respect you and feel invested in, then I have found it is a natural by product for the client to honor the appointments made unless something in life interrupts that flow. I strive to always be a safe place to share and I think that encourages people to return.

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