Postpartum Suppression: A man’s guide to winning marriage with a new baby

Being a new parent is hard. Knowing¬† how to express your opinion to your partner is harder. These quick tips may just save your relationship, and hold your side of the bed for you… when baby is 16.

  • When you don’t agree on letting your baby cry it out, and research on the subject is conflicting, who wins the argument? She who birthed that beautiful baby wins. At least for tonight. Don’t wait until 3am to explain why that brilliant article you read supports your reasonings for letting baby cry it out. This is a discussion that should be had when everyone is well rested, has a full belly, and you two have enough time to really talk. Remember, compromise is key.
  • Feel like calling up your boys for a beer at the new brewery after work? Wrong. It’s not about you anymore. Being new parents may just may be the biggest test to see what your relationship is made of. Having personal time to decompress can no longer be your priority. While you’re checking in with your friends, who’s changing baby’s diaper? If you haven’t considered this one yet, you’re lost but may have hope. Do your part and step up to fatherhood. Just remember… front to back.
  • The consequences of sleep deprivation are real. Be sure to hydrate, exercise, and catch at nap when you can. You’ll live long enough to complain later to your partner about how you only got 5 hours of sleep, and how that work deadline is going to be impossible to meet. Thankfully, you have enough gas left in the tank from not having to grow a human for nearly a year, or spend 30 hours in labor while having a crowded room of strangers telling you to push.

Author: Matt Grammer, MA, M.Ed, LPCC, Owner Kentucky Counseling Center