Chante’ Moore




Stress Management
Adults (18-64)
Seniors (65+)

Personal Experience & Biography

I help clients develop skills to manage their mental health diagnoses by providing space for clients to process feelings and experiences using different techniques from CBT, DBT, ACT and SFBT. I promote growth and wellbeing by being an active listener and using unconditional positive regard.

In sessions I provide a safe space by being authentic and encouraging. My goal is to leave clients better than I found them meaning I work actively to help clients achieve whatever therapy goals they set. I work to empower clients by validating their feelings. I am curious and inquisitive in sessions. I believe the client is the expert of their own life so I work diligently to help them manage stressors with
no judgment.

I believe clients return because of my authenticity and genuine approach. I want clients to feel safe in my sessions.

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