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5 Years

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I have worked with clients who are HIV+ for over 5 years. I have completed continued education on the diagnosis and medication for HIV. I have worked with individuals who struggle with addictions for over 5 years. Through this work I have gained knowledge and experience to be as effective as I can work when working with those who struggle with addiction. I am able to contribute my non-judgemental and respectful approach so that all people feel comfortable working with me.

I am a firm believer in using a client-centered approach, meaning meeting the client where they are in their own life. All people are unique and have different journeys they are on, different challenges and different goals. I am here to meet the client wherever they may be at in their life, and help them to grow and move forward; whatever that may look like for them. I am genuine and compassionate.

I genuinely care for the individuals that I work with and no matter how challenging they may be or how tough their situation is, I do not give up on them No one is perfect and everyone deserves grace and someone to believe in them and motivate them. I am able to build good rapports with my clients and maintain a balanced level of professionalism and transparency.

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