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Hi, I’m Angela Hall, a psychotherapist dedicated to working with women. My therapeutic approach is holistic, spiritual, clinical, collaborative & trauma informed and is rooted in neuroscience. Have traditional approaches such as antidepressants, meditation, faith & prayer, yoga, journaling, relaxation strategies, etc., not proven effective for you? Has relationship loss left you feeling hopeless, angry or in overwhelming grief? Are you weary in managing physical & emotional symptoms of anxiety & panic? 3 Are you ready to find fulfillment & individuality following a lifetime of people-pleasing, codependence or religious trauma? Regardless of how you arrived here, you are the only one responsible for your healing. You must choose to move forward or you will stay exactly where you are. What you are not changing, you are choosing and you must fight for your healing every day. We can create a plan for you to move forward into peace and wholeness, regardless of your circumstances. I have special interest in anxiety, religious trauma and relationship loss. I’m honored to be a practitioner of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

My preferred method of therapy is Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I love working with my clients, but I don’t want long term relationships with them. My goal is to empower women to create a fulfilling and hopeful life where they thrive outside of my office.I typically work with clients 6-8 weeks, transition to less frequent visits and then meet only occasionally for maintenance or when something comes up. I also implement elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems (parts work) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy as needed.

As your therapist I offer a safe and therapeutic space for transparency, accountability, interpersonal resolution and transformational self reflection.

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