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I am a very person centered therapist. My core belief about therapy is that healing begins with the relationship established between therapist and client. So, I spend early sessions working on rapport. I could be a brilliant therapist but if you don’t trust me, or think I understand you, why would you work with me? Why would you tell me anything let alone the most personal and sensitive experiences in your life? I say all of that to say, earning and maintaining a client’s trust is a primary goal. One of the therapy techniques I struggled with in grad school was confrontation. I couldn’t believe we had to confront people in their most vulnerable moments. Experience has taught me why it’s necessary and how it benefits a person.

I feel like CBT is so commonplace in terms of people knowing what it is now. I like CBT when working with mood disorders and self esteem issues. Let’s challenge those thoughts together! Identifying maladaptive thoughts and behaviors and reframing them into something that moves you toward the life you want to be leading! Building confidence. Relinquishing the faulty need to control everything.
One of the specialties most near and dear to my own existence is working with trauma of diverse populations. That work for me looks like maybe identifying areas in your life that may be suffering due to racial trauma. Looking at identity taxation in the work place. Stress management. Navigating discrimination. Being exposed to these experiences creates a higher probability for experiencing mood disorders and more. Coping skills, acceptance around what cannot be changed, and safety protocols for your own life are just some of the things I tackle. The most important though, is just creating the space for your personhood. In a session with me you get to be entirely yourself!

I have a big personality, a lot of it has to do with my cultural backgrounds. I talk with my hands a lot! I love to laugh and so I joke quite a bit. Never underestimate the power of a good deep belly laugh! I’m a very visual person so when making points I’m going to paint a picture! I also operate by thinking outside the box a lot. I’m often loud, especially when I get excited about something, it’s like I’ve barely ever met a whisper!

I think clients keep coming back to me because I make them feel safe and seen. One thing I think clients find surprising is my openness to being told no, or that I’ve done or interpreted something wrong. I find it can create a corrective emotional experience for many people. Also, as much as therapy is going to push you, and challenge you, I’m all about laughing and celebrating the wins too. I champion people! I admittedly have a lot of personality so I think what I bring into a session is warm. You’ll never feel like you’re talking to someone who is so above it all.

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