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I can help you learn healthy ways to move forward and achieve your goals in life. You may feel weighed down by grief, depression, anxiety, or trauma. Perhaps you experience relationship issues or setting healthy boundaries with family, friends, and significant others. Maybe your career/education path just isn’t meeting your needs. Maybe you developed some less than healthy ways to address your issues. What would it take to make you feel happier, more satisfied, and more self-confident?

I am a Certified Trauma-Responsive therapist who understands how trauma affects our body, mind, and our happiness. I am eager to share effective, evidence-based strategies to help you make the changes you want in your life.

I provide a non-judgmental, and compassionate space for you where healing can occur. Yes! You can feel better and enjoy the life you want to live. We can work together to help you unpack and process what’s bothering you and holding you back. You can learn coping strategies to heal and live a more authentic, fulfilling life. You are important and I would be honored to support you.

People return because they see their self-confidence and satisfaction with lives grow as a result of their own hard work.

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