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It is important for me to help you to see your potential. I understand what it is to feel stuck in our lives and lose motivation. When we feel disconnected from ourselves it is important to acquire deep personal healing. My role is not about creating a “new” you, but rather one of helping you find serenity and resilience in the absence of distress. My hope is that I can help you find your original self that you knew before trauma.

My main goal if that all sessions are safe places, where you feel comfortable and supported. Sessions are totally focused on what you are feeling and experiencing. We will work primarily in ways that cultivate your awareness of your body and mind, as well as increase your capacity to heal past trauma, handle major life challenges and transitions, and manage with equilibrium the daily “problems of living.” Together, we will work in a way that helps you to explore yourself and answer your own questions about the problems demanding your attention, because that which we embrace, transforms in our presence.

I believe clients return to sessions with me because they felt safe, heard, understood, and supported. I strive for the work completed in therapy to be client-focused in a non-judgmental manner that is totally an open space for sharing. I feel that past clients have returned because they feel that careful attention was given to healing their wounds by learning how to trust their bodies, navigate stressors, and alleviate difficult emotions, ultimately, leading them to feel more calm and confident in the world.

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