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Cynthia Leatrice Fondren







Adjustment Disorders

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14 Years

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Hi! Wow it takes courage to reach out for help. Given the times we are in help is a welcome commodity. I am a Marriage and Family therapist licensed in the state of Kentucky with over 15 years experience. I believe we are all here to help each other when we can. Life is tough at times. I believe that we all do so much better in life with support from loving caring individuals. Some times it is hard to discus our issues and worries with the ones we are closest to, so having a listening ear, a loving heart, and a open mind in a therapist/helper is important. I have walked long side individuals of all ages, including children, families, and couples as they found their way to a more balanced and happier existence.

I would like to walk along side you. I have been trained in Mindfulness therapy, Trauma Focused adult and Child/Parent therapy, grief therapy, substance abuse therapy, and life transition therapy. My belief is we all get up each morning with choices about our lives. Life brings challenges and choices we had no idea we would encounter, but it comes anyway. Having someone with training to listen, walk along side, and provide loving care can help us get through and be stronger for our journey. I have a faith that teaches me to believe that we were never meant to be in this world alone so we have people who help us along the way.

I would be honored to walk with you for a short part of your life journey and assist you in finding a happier existence.

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