Daniel M. Beasley






Sexuality Related Issues

Grief and Loss

Age Groups

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)




1.5 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I can work alongside clients living with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I believe it is possible to attack those issues with the use of CBT, and DBT.

The idea of walking into a therapist’s office is often terrifying. So, any client that walks into my office will be greeted with a smile. I am an easygoing person, which often decreases the anxiety or fear of starting over with me. I create the space for clients to share what is comfortable for them and hold space for them when difficult discussions unfold. I challenge clients when appropriate and encourage them even when the work is challenging. This work is in pursuit of achieving their established goals. I will do my best in every session to journey alongside you as we navigate together through your challenges and triumphs.

No runner has ever made it to the finish line without taking the first step. In a marathon, a sprint, or a long-distance event, the middle part proves often to be the most challenging for runners. However, that is where the practice pays off. Going to therapy requires diligence, patience, resilience, and a commitment to doing the hard work of healing oneself. Clients come back because I am diligent in providing the tools necessary to recover from the situations that are often life while processing issues in a safe environment.

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