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Emilee King






Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Self Esteem Issues

Age Groups

Adolescents Ages (11-14)

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)

Seniors Ages (65+)





6 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I have past experience in community mental health treating a wide variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, BPD, and childhood behavioral concerns. My passion is helping those overcome trauma, dissociative concerns, and PTSD. Unhealed trauma is often pervasive through all aspects of one’s life and leaves people feeling isolated, helpless, ashamed, unsafe, and hopeless. But it is possible to heal. Through the use of evidenced-based therapies, I can help you work towards gaining self-awareness, work through past hurts, and facilitate healing and growth to build a more fulfilling life.

I try to have a calming presence and want people to feel at ease. I understand therapy can be intimidating and is difficult work, so it’s important for people to feel comfortable and connected to their therapist. I am here to listen with acceptance, support, non-judgement, and a sense of humor.

I think what keeps clients coming back for follow up visits is my genuine kindness, concern, and unconditional positive regard for those I have the privilege of working with. Previous clients have openly expressed their significant progress made in our sessions.

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