Emily Gordon






Borderline Personality Disorders


Age Groups

Adolescents Ages (11-14)

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)




1 Year

Personal Experience & Biography

I like to offer a friendly approach and build a therapeutic experience around my client. I have found that there are different approaches to different experiences and not one “size” fits all. My preference is to provide a comfortable environment that is individual to each client’s needs.

I believe that I provide a calming demeanor. I have had sessions where my client and I are able to laugh together and that will shift into discussion about some of their key issues. I like to provide support and warmth within my sessions. I have a soft voice and this tends to be comforting to most people. I also like to encourage exploration of the client’s interests because I have learned that connection is a major part of a successful therapeutic experience.

Clients tend to return to me because I remember small details. I like to ask about the names of your supports so that you do not have to explain who someone is each time. I also like to utilize these “small” details to make connections and gain insight into all areas of your life.

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