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Hannah Cowen







Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Age Groups

Adults Ages (18-64)

Seniors Ages (65+)



Personal Experience & Biography

I utilize a holistic approach to therapy focusing on working with individuals to integrate past experiences, identify strengths and coping skills in their current situations, and set healthy goals for the future. I am certified in DBT Skills Training, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy a somatic, body oriented approach to working with complex trauma. I have extensive experience working with complex trauma and addiction in a residential setting. Ultimately my goal is to walk alongside each client to help them discover their own inner resources and increase resilience to cope with life from a place of grounding and freedom.

I am curious and attentive to each client’s individual needs and pacing. I have found that everyone needs something different and that individuals respond best to having their needs validated along with constructive feedback along the way. I genuinely enjoy my clients and love my work with them and I think this shows in our time together; I am authentic and direct but always focus on helping clients identify their own needs and resources. I work to create a space that is calming and separated from the rush of daily life where clients can feel seen and understood.

I believe that each of my clients know that I care about them and their progress. I am always clear about what they can expect and I think this modeling of healthy boundaries creates an atmosphere of safety and trust because I am consistent and attentive. I am open to learning from the experience of each client and go into the therapeutic relationship with the attitude that I have as much to learn from the healing journey of another as they may from any input I might bring. Mostly my goal is to open up a space where people can see themselves with both more clarity and more compassion and find the capacity to make needed changes in their lives leading to increased peace and freedom. I find Maya Angelou’s words helpful to remember- “Every storm runs out of rain.”

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