John Nathan Anderson





Substance Abuse

Chronic Stress


Age Groups

Adults Ages (18-64)




8 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

When working with my clients, I assess the client’s whole life situation. Things I always consider are barriers to treatment, the number of resources the client has access to and the level of support my clients currently have. I also Look into activities my clients enjoy participating in. I take all these items and consideration and develop a treatment plan that will give my clients a better chance of having a successful treatment program.

Building rapport with my clients is especially important to me. While in session, I provide an environment where the client will feel free to discuss any topics that’s causing negative aspects in my client’s life without the fear of being judged. I look at what the client is currently going through and work with my clients to help them cope with their situation or help them realize alternative ways to handle situations.

I have an exceptionally good rate of clients remaining on my caseload. feedback from my clients of reasons why they enjoy having sessions with me are I’m not judgmental during session, I always make the entire session about my client, and I receive positive feedback stating I have a good sense of humor.

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