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Kalin Alvey






Substance Abuse


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Firstly, it is my priority to create a safe space for you to feel validated, welcomed, and comfortable. I want to help you feel as you can come as you are, with no conditions. I have years of treating trauma and my clinical focus will help you to get to the root of your issues quickly, yet carefully and safely. You come first, and therapy should always be about you, which is the counterpoint and focus of all approaches and methods I use in sessions.

My priority is warmth and validation. My goal is to help you feel heard and understood while also having hope for a brighter future. You should expect to feel comfortable while also getting fast results! I’m here to support you in your journey!

The most noticeable effect from sessions that you should expect is results combined with an attentive and validating experience. Sessions with me are always in a judgement free zone, and wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you there and guide you along the way. The ultimate goal it to help you help yourself; everyone needs support in their mental health journey, and that’s exactly what I’m here for!

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