Katelyn Bailey





Adjustment Disorders



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Adults Ages (18-64)




2 Years

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I help clients learn to trust themselves and their ability to manage their emotions. I use IFS and EFT to help clients improve their relationship to self and to others. Wether they are struggling with a period of anxiety or depression, or navigating a difficult stage of life, I help them find the tools they need both internally and externally to feel better about life and about themselves.

I create a safe space for my clients by being calm, kind, compassionate and curious. I am interested and excited about psychology and personal growth and because of that I am my clients biggest supporter and advocate. My sessions are client paced, but I hold them accountable to the change they wish to make. I do not treat clients like one-size fits all, I try to make the sessions fit the individual.

My clients come back to me because I tell them the truth, without judgement, and I believe the best in them. They trust me to be honest with them and to be patient with them. Change doesn’t happen overnight and they feel they have a companion as they do the work, who won’t abandon them and who will always hold them accountable to themselves.

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