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Having worked in outpatient, community mental health services for 12 years and several additional years in individual and group counseling, I have gained invaluable experience in many different facets of life. Depression and anxiety are a very normal part of our lives. It’s when these symptoms begin interfering in our day-to-day lives that it becomes a problem. Bringing basic awareness to our thoughts, moods and feelings can help us recognize patterns of automatic negative thoughts. I enjoy helping people learn mindfulness to gain more control over their thoughts and feelings and break those negative patterns.

People can feel vulnerable sharing such personal details of their lives. It is important to me that my participants feel relaxed, comfortable and completely free from judgement. I am easy going, love to laugh and genuinely enjoy getting to know people and what makes them tick. I am constantly learning new ideas and concepts and can’t wait to share with others.

Just as I look forward to our sessions, it is important to me that participants also look forward to them. My sessions are evidence based and outcome driven. Setting meaningful and attainable goals and objectives and witnessing actual progress being made week to week keeps participants engaged in the 2 process. Helping people find and realize their best quality of life is what has kept me in the field for so long.

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