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3 Years

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I am able to help my clients see their natural gifts and talents no matter how small they may be perceived. I can help clients to healthily explore and understand different perspectives and reframe troubling situations in their life with a refreshing display of honesty and genuine care, compassion, and humor (when appropriate). As a black neurodivergent woman it is my goal as a clinician and as a person to understand to the best of my abilities your situation, using narrative therapy, and help to analyze and modify behaviors using cognitive behavioral therapy.

With my personality traits you will most definitely feel heard, encouraged to explore your thoughts and feelings, informed, and focused to create and accomplish your personal goals. I have a kind, affirming, and reassuring presence that I hope my clients will eventually come to expect and feel safe enough in to tell there true feelings and know it’s ok to do so. My genuineness definitely shines through and will be evident in my charm, humor, honesty, and fearlessness in observing, calling out, and recognizing the challenges within your messages. I will never judge you or your unique situation and I always strive to provide resources and information that are practical and useful for your emotional, behavioral, and self esteem needs (Or information for whatever your needs are). I am a kind stranger that you will meet in the world that wants nothing more than for you to succeed and to be happy in your life.

The number one reason my clients continue to come back to me is because I do my utmost to facilitate an understand of their behaviors, the purpose that they are serving in their life, and how they can transform them into something that serves them better if they like. I’m always excited for my clients and I want to hear everything you want to tell me.

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