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I help people who are struggling in relationships, careers, health, and finances to identify the root cause. I then work with clients to create a plan for resolving the underlying issues. My experience over the past 23 years has shown that current struggles are often a symptom of the impact of unidentified early traumatic experiences that resulted in unhealthy relationships, negative thought patterns, and coping strategies that don’t work consistently.

I first work to establish respect, trust, and safety because I believe these are the foundation for growth and change. I am supportive while establishing healthy boundaries and accountability. I challenge clients to explore their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors and offer them the information and skills they need to use the resources available to them to make the changes they desire. I’m not likely to let my clients stay in victimhood any longer than is necessary for them to begin to choose to shift into a creator mindset.

My clients report that I have helped them to achieve more than they initially thought possible and that I challenged them to think in new ways. By changing how they see things, they are choosing to change the things they see, how they see themselves and what they tolerate. When clients understand the steps they need to take they are more motivated to take those steps. When they take action and see good results, they are motivated to continue the work needed to achieve their goals. When they run into challenges taking those steps, we stop to look at what got in the way and explore ways to overcome those obstacles. No judgment or criticism ever! Always supporting the client’s efforts with guidance and reassurance.

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