Resha Taylor





Emotional Disturbance



Age Groups

Adults Ages (18-64)




8 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I will help clients by understanding and acknowledging their thoughts and feelings. I will help client’s by empowering them. I will provide clients with the resources/tools they need to have a better understanding and awareness of themselves and what they need to achieve positive change. I will help them identify issues that affect their mental health, provide them with psychoeducation and set goals for personal growth.

Therapy session with me will feel relaxed and inviting. I am optimistic and cheerful. I engage in nonjudgmental communication and interactions. I believe in connecting with the client and meeting them where they are in their journey to achieve positive change. I am open-minded, empathetic, self- aware and versatile.

I show genuine concern for my client’s wellbeing. I demonstrate openness and acceptance and I am interested in what the client has to say. I display compassion and empathy. I will be honest with clients, help them challenge their thoughts and guide clients to hold themselves accountable.

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