Robert Castle





Substance abuse

Co-occurring disorders


Age Groups

Adults Ages (18-64)




5 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I am a person-centered therapist that is interested in understanding where my client wants to go and empowering them to get there. My foundation in various cognitive treatment modalities such as CBT, REBT, and DBT allows me to aid my clients with issues that disconnect them from the life they deserve. I have a background in crisis management, substance use treatment disorder as well as the behavioral health issues that tend to exist in substance use. I employ evidence-based treatment as a means to participate in a holistic outlook on treating difficulties that people can experience.

I am an easy-going person that strives to help my clientele to feel safe and relaxed in order to be able to address the difficulties they are experiencing. I have a person-centered approach that involve empowerment of the consumer. A session with me begins with asking the client what they want to address and helping them develop a plan to achieve their goals and helping them to praise themselves for the progress they work so hard to achieve.

I believe my open and honest approach to behavioral health treatment allows me to easily develop rapport with the individuals I help to achieve what they want to achieve. I employ a non-judgmental attitude and help them to see their abilities and self-worth.

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