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Recovering from addiction is difficult and necessitates outside support. Many individuals with alcohol or drug dependency fail to recognize their own patterns of abuse or have ambivalent feelings about seeking treatment. As a therapist specializing in addiction treatment, it is my responsibility to help clients and their families recognize problematic behaviors and guide them in the recovery process. I empower people to take action and change these behaviors, I help clients build motivation for treatment by getting to know individual needs, building a trusting & respectful alliance and coming to a shared agreement on the focus of treatment. In doing so this will allow you to focus on understanding the nature of addiction, becoming drug-free and preventing relapse. I utilize a combination of Cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectical behavioral therapy to facilitate finding connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions and increase awareness of how these things impact recovery. Through this awareness we can begin to work on validation and acceptance, helping clients work towards sustained recovery.

Sessions with me are very relaxed, and comfortable. I view a counseling session more as a “problem solving” session. A friendly, laid-back discussion where you describe your current situation and your feelings about it, and I utilize my expertise to assist you in trying to resolve that problem allowing you to move closer to having the life you want. I provide encouragement to explore concerns at your own pace and depth, without imposing any agenda. I am here to support a client’s autonomy and self-determination and respect their values and choices.

As your counselor, I convey genuine care & acceptance as a whole person, not just as a problem to be solved. I meet people where they are at and support people in their recovery Journey, which means we are in this together. My clients recognize my passion for helping and are comforted in my authenticity, honesty, compassion and understanding.

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