Shavon Mabry




Crisis and Trauma

Substance Use Disorder

Co-Occurring Disorders

Age Groups

Children Ages (5-10)

Adults Ages (18-64)




7 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

As an independently licensed clinician, I have a passion for assisting my clients with getting back to living their best life. I believe the core components of my profession are the compassion and empathy. Whether victims of domestic violence, victims of substance use disorder, families struggling with relationship strain, couples in need of a mediator or individuals dealing with crisis and trauma, I’m well versed in assisting you with getting back to who you are meant to be at your core being.

I not only have the demeanor that builds a rapport but also motivates encouragement and supports your overall well-being. Much of the clinician’s role is listening and sympathizing while still maintaining a professional attitude when assisting with difficult decisions and offering practical advice. This community views me as much as a social worker as clinician as I thrive to assist clients while placing an emphasis on environmental issues contributing to my clients situations. Patients seek treatment but more than anything they want to know their voices are heard, feel safe in knowing someone does care, and that there are solutions to their circumstances. Patients will find reassurance, confidentiality and a judgement free zone with this practitioner.

The session is always about the person I am assisting. I maintain professional boundaries while providing a relaxed, judgement free zone when while conducting a client centered session. The client is the expert in their own life. I use solution focused approach as I provide practical advice while allowing the client to reach their own perspective of what works best for them. Simply put, I rely on what my client states they want to work on and what my client reports works best for them.

Strong rapport between myself and my clients builds trust as they note that I am trustworthy and act with integrity. My clients quickly understand that I have their best interest at heart. They also know that I will safeguard their privacy. I provide a therapeutic environment where they feel safe in knowing I am their confidante and their voice, thoughts, opinions and perceptions are heard and understood.

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