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Hello! My name is Shelby, and I approach therapy in a humanistic and compassionate way. I believe that everyone has the ability to grow and change into who they would like to be, and I would love to join you in that journey. I have spent my time learning how to help individuals struggling from past or current trauma, the LGBTQ+ community, and anxiety related problems. I believe that therapy is a relationship between provider and client and I strive to nourish that relationship.

Sessions with me are relaxed and full of compassionate reflection and solution-focused answers. I believe that you are driving the vehicle in therapy, and I’m there to help you steer. I always see my clients as capable and want to help you navigate this difficult time. I also believe that humor can help in a therapy setting, so no need to worry about holding back on your jokes. My sessions are about maintaining a relationship and making sure that you are feeling comfortable on the other side of the room (or the computer screen!) and I check in regularly to make sure that you’re feeling safe. I value clients that are honest with me, even if it’s hard to be honest sometimes. I know 2 that therapy can be scary sometimes, but there’s no shame in seeking help!

I believe that what keeps clients coming back to me is my ability to be compassionate and also guide you in the direction you need to be. Therapy is collaborative, and if something I’m doing isn’t working – I welcome that note and will make necessary changes to my style that will help you. I also know that sometimes therapy might feel invasive, but I promise to hear your story without being judgemental or pushy.

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