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7 Years

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My specialty as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, from The Wellness Institute, has deepened my understanding of the inner working of the subconscious mind, driving thoughts, feelings and behaviors. From a deeply caring perspective, I meet you where you’re at, believing that you hold the keys to the best version of yourself. I’ve learned to listen to the subconscious mind, to sense and to feel where you need to go to address the blockages which have kept you stuck in unhealthy patterns. I allow your subconscious mind to determine where the deepest work needs to take place. I believe this method works very well to guide you to effective, longer lasting change.

I want you to always feel safe to “be” and feel free to reveal the inner workings of your mind and heart (in a confidential, non-judgmental environment). I love to mix in humor where appropriate, also doing my best to make sure you feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated. I offer behavioral solutions, insight, empathy and positive affirmations and help you understand your difficulties. Looking forward to meeting you!

My emphasis on the therapeutic relationship keeps you motivated to do whatever work you need to do – feel tough feelings, express or face what you’ve been afraid to, and just be able to be yourself. When you feel truly supported, uncomfortable issues are not as hard or scary as you may have thought. Knowing you have a safe space to not to be judged and learn about your potential makes showing up something to look forward to!

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