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Addiction/Substance Abuse


Anger Management

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Adults Ages (18-64)




3 Years

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I believe in creating a safe and sacred space for clients to share the concerns of their hearts and what they expect from the therapeutic experience. After that safe space is established, I like to build genuine rapport, and apply CBT in order to discover and discuss how my client is thinking, and how those thinking patterns contribute, whether negatively or positively, to their outcomes. The goal is for client to be able to share and process in a judgement-free, safe place so that they can accomplish outcomes that they desire. I want clients to do the work and participate in their healing, while I provide support and partnership-with the end goal of wholeness always in mind.

I love getting feedback from my clients about what they like about my therapy style. What sets me apart is my warmth, honesty, and person-centered focus. It’s never about me, but always about my client! As we focus on what my client says is most important, we spend every moment in pursuit of the goals and aspirations of the individual, while simultaneously building a foundation that will allow the client to move forward stronger, wiser, and much better.

I believe client come back to me time and time again because I keep “the main thing, the MAIN thing”; meaning I am focused on my client, and their established goals and outcomes.

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