Tracy Barajas-Bentley



D.Min, M.Ed, LPCA, NCC

Adolescents (15-17)
Adults (18-64)
Seniors (65+)

Personal Experience & Biography

I help you arrive at solutions-I am your change agent. I act as a therapeutic partner, guide, and coach with your current issues and problems. I assist and guide you in a solution-based model to identify root components of your depression, anxiety, and/or addictions issues.

I focus on you and your perceptions of issues at hand. I work with you to sift through the web of connections that may be causing the recurring issues that gave cause for you to seek therapy. Again, I focus on you.

My clients come back because I help them help themselves, to arrive at solutions to alleviate their symptoms. I empower my clients with skill sets of process thinking, framing, self-redirection, and relaxation techniques to allow them to gain control and maintain control of their stability.

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