Erin Whitehouse

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner



Personal Experience & Biography

I find empathy and unconditional positive regard to be healing in and of itself; however, I also understand the value of clinical training and learning to implement interventions according to my client’s needs. I have found Accelerated Resolution Therapy to be extremely effective in empowering client’s and enhancing recovery from trauma as well as other mental health issues.

My goal in every single session is to provide a safe, judgment free, calming environment for my client’s. I want my client’s to know that I am in their corner (rapport), I believe in them (instilling hope), and work together toward setting and reaching realistic and achievable goals at the pace set by my client.

The comment I get most often is that my client’s feel that I truly do care and sincerely want to help the client make positive changes. I think we all have a need to be seen, heard, and understood without judgment. I work diligently to provide this to each and every client.

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