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I am, what I would like to call, “a come as you are kind of therapist”. My clients know that they can bring anything into the session, and that they are in a safe space. Although I am experienced in working with a diverse population, what makes me the best clinician that I can be is being a dedicated listener. When we can express our feelings and thoughts, we are better able to sort through the underlying layers and begin to find balance of mind, body, and spirit.

I would say that my clients discover in session that I am authentic, transparent, and optimistic. I like to create a space that is inviting for my clients to come in and share how their week has been! We may have some art interventions, expressive exercises, or just have talk therapy. I cater my sessions to each of my clients based on their immediate needs, as well as their treatment goals.

I believe my clients keep coming back because they feel listened to in our sessions. They feel they are able to bring in whatever they need to bring in that day and leave it in the session and walk out feeling as though a load has been lifted. Clients have shared in the past that they appreciate having a space where they can come and sort through their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged.

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