We offer a wide range of online counseling and psychiatric services for residents throughout the state of Oregon. Our telehealth services are affordable and fast — allowing those seeking mental health care to get the help they need fast and reliably. Our team consists of certified, licensed, and highly-trained professionals who are passionate about bettering our patients. If you’re looking for help, guidance, or a lifeboat to steer your wellness in the right direction, KCC Health is here to offer our sound support. Through dedicated counseling, psychiatry, targeted case management, and intensive outpatient programs — both children and adults can find the mental health services they need. 

Here at KCC Health, we know that every one of our telehealth patients has unique challenges and needs on their road to betterment. That’s why we are committed to offering a patient-centered approach to every one of our services. It’s why we take such pride in offering affordable and timely mental health services. Our Oregon patients can begin psychological evaluations within the first 48 hours of an initial request and be on your way to the treatment plan needed to move you forward.

Patient-First Approach

We offer individualized and patient-centered methodologies with every individual we see. We understand that every person is unique, and their path to betterment is dependent on their own strengths and weaknesses. We build upon those strengths to create care plans that support those strengths and work on those weaknesses in order to shape a treatment that resembles your own personal goals. 

Nobody knows you better than yourself. That’s why our team is here to advocate for you — and improve your health and wellness with a patient-first approach.


KCC Health accepts a wide range of insurance providers for every one of our mental health services. We accept Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health Plan, Moda Health, Regency BCBS, Trillium (Healthnet), UBH — along with Medicaid, Ohio MCO’s, Pacific Source Comm Solutions, Umpqua Health Alliance, and Yamhill. 

Contact us if you’re unsure whether or not you’re covered. 

If you don’t want to use insurance, that’s no problem. We have some of the most affordable telehealth services around. Call us today or request your appointment online to learn more. 


Here at KCC Health, we’ve made it our mission to provide unparalleled mental health care to both children and adults. Our telehealth services encompass all of our core areas — and can be a beacon for those seeking the mental health care they need. 


Our telehealth counseling services are spearheaded by experienced mental health professionals that can provide support for those dealing with everyday issues life has thrown their way. KCC Health counseling services provide someone to talk to, share experiences with, advocate for your betterment, and help guide you through life’s stressors. Every one of our counselors is highly trained, licensed, and certified to offer incredible care for our patients. 

At KCC Health, we offer both individual and group counseling services for both children and adults, including but not limited to: 

  • Individual
  • Family Counseling 
  • Couples Counseling 
  • LGBTQ Counseling 
  • And more


For those seeking compassionate and dedicated telehealth psychiatry services, KCC Health is here to help. We understand how difficult it can be to manage psychiatric symptoms on your own, which is why you need affordable and reliable psychiatric services and care options. We work with residents throughout Oregon through our telehealth services to offer compassionate outlets for those in need. 

We house an incredible team of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Family Nurse Practitioners who can help with reducing symptoms, managing medication, and more.

KCC Direct – Online Services

KCC Health offers an alternative to in-person counseling and psychiatric services. We understand that every individual has their own unique needs and lives that may not make in-person treatment possible. Our online mental health and counseling services are a solution for those looking for affordable and reliable mental health services. You’re able to seek the care you need anywhere with an internet connection so that you can move forward with your health and wellness. Whether you’re a rural resident that lives far away from healthcare options or you’re someone that doesn’t prefer in-person care — our telehealth services can be a sound alternative. 

Our telehealth services are an accessible door to mental health that Oregon residents can take advantage of without leaving their home or work. With the incredible progress of technology, we’ve opened new doors into patient care and can help those who are not able to seek an in-person option. 

We also offer same-day care for Medicaid and self-pay patients.

Our Dedicated Professionals 

Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals is nothing short of spectacular. We’re incredibly proud of every member of our team who works so hard in order to see our patients succeed. We make sure that every member of KCC Health is highly trained and qualified to provide optimal care. Through exhaustive education, certifications, and licensing — we’re able to give our patients the treatment and care they deserve. Whether it’s a therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, nurse, social worker, service coordinator, or even our administrative staff — everyone is working together to help our patients move forward. 

Get Started Today

KCC Health is part of the largest behavioral health network in the region. It’s through this network that we’re able to provide such robust care options and telehealth services for children and adults. 

We’re here to guide you toward betterment in a way that works for you. Explore our wide range of mental health services and get on the path to betterment today.