Dear Stakeholders:

Kentucky Counseling Center can take all of your clients and get them seen without a waiting list. We built our telehealth program, KCC Direct, more than 2 years ago and it is now likely the largest network of mental health telehealth providers in KY. We have more than 100 providers in our network, including psychiatric and family nurse practitioners, counselors, and case managers who are setup to provide telehealth services right now.

If you have a client that needs to be seen, here’s the breakdown of our process:

1. Client will complete the KCC Direct signup form. This is the intake packet that must be completed before we can schedule. 

2. Our admin team receives the request and follows up with the client to schedule the appointment.

3. The client is sent a link to their provider’s virtual waiting room. At the time of the appointment, clients will join the waiting room on any device with internet and complete the visit. If they are seeing a prescriber, we will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy.

KCC Direct Services

  • counseling- weekly sessions provided
  • psychiatry- once per month
  • case management (Medicaid recipients only who are eligible)- as needed


  • We accept all KY Medicaid plans and most major insurances. Note- A small number of commercial insurance plans do not cover telehealth.
  • For those who do not have insurance, we have very low self-pay rates but do not have a sliding scale.

How long is the waiting list for KCC Direct? 

There is no waiting list. We have the largest network of mental health providers in KY and have the bandwidth to offer counseling or medication appointments to your clients within the week. If it ever takes longer than 2 weeks to get an intake scheduled, we hire more clinicians. 
Considering many mental health providers may soon be looking for Telehealth employment, we believe we have the capacity to take on every client you can send to us that is appropriate for outpatient mental health treatment. 

Where can I learn more about Kentucky Counseling Center?

How can I sign up for KCC Direct telehealth services now?
The client needs to simply click the link below and sign the e-form. We’ll follow up to schedule:

If anyone has any questions or needs assistance during this national emergency, please contact us today.

Stay safe out there. 

Kentucky Counseling Center offers our KCC Direct online counseling and psychiatry services to health care providers in Kentucky who have limited access to treat the mental health needs of their patients.

KCC can seamlessly integrate with your business model to ensure continuity of care so that you can provide your patients with the best service, and stay in the loop with what’s going on with their treatment.

We can offer our full suite of mental health services including, counseling, psychiatry, and targeted case management, or any individual service your business needs.

If you are having a difficult time keeping up with demand for mental health care at your Kentucky-based facility, please contact us today.