How to help friends and family with mental health struggles

If you have a friend or family member struggling with mental health and you often find yourself wondering “what can I do to help” here are a couple ways to be supportive: 

Be Available

If someone is asking for you to check in on them, do exactly that. Determine when they want to be checked on or how. If you are unable during that time, make sure you both have determined a back up plan. Whether they need your help transport them to therapy, medication management, case management appointments, or to make sure they are taking their daily medication; find out what they need from you so they can learn to help themselves recover successfully.

Learn More About Recovery

You can be more helpful if you have knowledge and are informed about mental health recovery. Seek out reputable resources in your community, online, or in local libraries. Whether your loved ones are struggling with ADHD, PTSD, post-partum, or depression the more you know, the more your family or friend will feel supported. 

Don’t Give Up

Recovery can be difficult. Let’s not pretend there’s an over night fix. However, evidence shows that support from a family or friend can speed up the recovery time and increase chances of long term positive change. Working together as a team can make all the difference in the world for families, and building an unbreakable support system can be the difference between mental health recovery or stagnation. 
If you would like to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one to discuss how Kentucky Counseling Center can help, we’re here when you need us.