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Alexander Aronson






Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy

Existential Analysis

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Adults Ages (18-64)

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4 Years

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Alexander Aronson, LPCA is a licensed therapist in Kentucky specializing in providing psychoanalysis, as well as psycho-dynamic psychotherapy. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, don’t worry–psychoanalysis is often called “the talking cure”, and, if we work together, speaking freely, openly, and honestly about your struggles is precisely what you’ll be invited to do in the company of a non-judgmental, attentive, and curious listener who can help you to understand and experience yourself and your problems in new and laboratory ways. Psychoanalysis can aid in alleviating concerns like anxious or depressed feelings, malaise, and the symptoms of “personality disorders”, as well as sexual and other interpersonal impasses. In fact, many people specifically seek out a psychoanalyst to aid them in addressing difficulties that other modes of treatment haven’t been able to dispel. Whether you’re considering therapy for the first time or are a long-time patient looking for a new way forward and like what you’ve read here, I hope you’ll reach out to schedule a consultation.

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