We offer a wide range of accessible counseling services for both children and adults throughout the great state of Kentucky and beyond. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one or group counseling opportunities, we can offer the outlet and support you need to get through difficult times. 

Counseling can be a great way to seek guidance, share experiences, manage symptoms — or simply discover a reliable advocate for your overall wellbeing and goals. 

More details about our counseling services can be found below.

What to Expect

Please check out this quick tutorial of what to expect from KCC Direct counseling, psychiatry, and case management online services.

Patient-First Approach 

No matter what mental health service we offer here at Kentucky Counseling Center, we’re always putting our patients first. Individualized care and treatment centered around your strengths and goals are of paramount importance to us. Finding the right counseling service for you can be a challenging, nerve-racking, and time-consuming process. We make it easy with wait-free and affordable counseling services for children and adults. 

We know that nobody knows your mental health better than you — which is why our mental health professionals take the time to listen and build off your experiences and goals. 

KCC Counseling Services 

Through trained and certified counseling professionals, we’re able to lend a listening ear and guidance for those dealing with a wide range of issues, stressors — or even those suffering from mental health symptoms. Adults, children, families, and more can find the support they need when difficult times arise. We’ll advocate for your well-being and provide tools, resources, and professional counseling services to help you move forward and live life with purpose.

Adult Counseling 

We offer counseling services for adults, offering a listening ear and support. Whether you’re dealing with workplace conflict, family troubles, marital issues, a loss, or any other concerns that you’re struggling with — Kentucky Counseling Center has compassionate and highly-trained counselors advocate for your future. 

Family Counseling 

Familial issues are all too common, and having a counseling professional by your side to help overcome obstacles and push through troubling times can make a significant impact. Family counseling can be an excellent resource for facilitating difficult discussions, managing stressors, resolving conflict, and more. Our highly trained counselors will help advocate for your family’s growth and success by offering a productive and health outlet for conversations. 

Teen Counseling 

Your child’s formative years can be an extremely difficult time. School, home-life, internal struggles, or even work can all present problems that begin piling upon one another. We help give teens the tools and guidance they need to deal with life’s stressors, clearing the way for constructive growth. 

Additional Counseling Services  

Our compassionate counselors offer a wide array of services to help our diverse range of patients. In addition to our adult, family, and teen counseling services — we also offer: 

  • Individual counseling 
  • Adolescent counseling 
  • LGBTQ counseling 
  • Couples counseling 
  • Group counseling 

We’re here to provide unparalleled care when you need it most. No matter where life takes you, Kentucky Counseling Center is here to offer the guidance and support necessary for a happier, healthier life. 

Online Counseling 

We understand that in-person counseling isn’t an option for everyone. For some, the travel distance alone may cause more trouble than it prevents, which is why we offer accessible online counseling. Whether you’re uncomfortable with face-to-face appointments, life conflicts get in the way of mental health opportunities, or you’re simply looking for a more convenient way to get the counseling care you need — KCC Direct is your solution. 

We offer online counseling for adults, families, teens, and adolescents — along with additional group options.


We accept a wide range of insurance providers for counseling. Here at Kentucky Counseling Center, we believe that mental health options should be available to everyone. Being part of the largest behavioral health network in the region gives you options when it comes to paying with insurance. We accept the following providers for our counseling services: 

  • Medicaid
  • Anthem 
  • Passport
  • Wellcare
  • Aetna, 
  • Caresource
  • Humana
  • United
  • Cigna
  • Optum
  • Molina 
  • Tricare 
  • Medicare 
  • And more

If you would prefer not to use insurance for your counseling sessions, don’t worry! We have one of the most affordable care options in the area, giving you the support and guidance you need at a reasonable rate. Everyone should have access to mental health care in a timely manner, which is why we believe in wait-free and affordable counseling for our patients, through and through. 

Our Incredible Team 

Each and every member of our counseling team is highly trained, certified, and experienced in providing optimal care for our patients. Whether it’s an independent contractor or active employee, we implement a rigorous onboarding process to ensure compassion and dedication at every turn — with every employee. From our counseling staff and therapists to even our administration personnel, Kentucky Counseling Center is extremely proud of our kind and expert team. 

Kentucky Counseling Center’s Locations 

Throughout the great state of Kentucky, we have counseling locations available so that you can get the care you need — when and where you need it. Our locations include: 

Get the Counseling Care You Deserve 

There’s absolutely no shame in looking for guidance and support in the form of counseling. A little push in the right direction or professional assistance with facilitating meaningful conversation can have an immense effect on your life trajectory. Our counseling team is highly trained, certified, and dedicated to offering individualized care for every one of our patients by advocating for their betterment and building foundations for healthy growth.

Take control of your life with counseling services you can rely on today. Affordable, flexible, and more accessible than ever before — Kentucky Counseling Center is here to give you the counseling care you deserve.