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Domestic Abuse

Child And Adolescent

Age Groups

Children Ages (5-10)

Adolescents Ages (11-14)

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)

Seniors Ages (65+)




12 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I’m a person-centered therapist, giving the client the power to direct where we go during session. Giving power back to the person is my highest priority. I want people to feel comfortable and safe to express themselves and process what they’re feeling. The conversation will have challenges to thought processes that aren’t working and to practice skills that are outside of what they may have tried in the past.

Clients in the past have said that I’m very calm and collected during session. People are able to laugh, make jokes, cry, be angry, and be supported by me during the session. I challenge them, and con have a conversation with them all at once.

I think clients keep coming back to me because they know that I have their best interest in mind during treatment, they can bring their whole selves to the session, and that I am in their corner.

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