Denisha White






Behavioral Issues

Age Groups

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)

Seniors Ages (65+)




4 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I help clients understand that they can do something to improve their situation. In utilizing various therapeutic interventions, I assist clients with making changes that enhance healthy thinking and behavior to improve their quality of life.

Having a session with me is an experience! I want you to have peace and joy, be free from emotional turmoil, and have meaning and purpose in all areas of life as we work together. You will be challenged, but also leave with a new way of thinking and behaving to work toward meeting goals and reaching your full potential.

What keeps my clients engaged in the therapeutic process is that our conversations are valuable. I look forward to meeting with my clients and they look forward our discussions as they gain clarity, insight, and hope to deal with problems. Because I seek to understand and help my clients effectively and efficiently, 2 clients see therapy with me is a collaboration of us working together help them heal holistically.

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