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Coping Skills

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18 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I can help clients with strategies to deal with the executive function deficits that come with ADHD. I am experienced in techniques to help clients deal with anxiety such as thought stopping, reframing and mindfulness. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help clients adjust to changes. I encourage clients to focus on self care and help them develop a menu of coping skills to utilize in order to get through difficult times.

When you have a session with me I will make you feel comfortable as i have a calm demeanor. You will feel like you and your feelings matter. I will help you practice new skills to make coping with your problem easier. I will help you find your strengths and build on them to give you the courage and confidence to be your best self.

Clients come back to me because they like knowing that I have listened to them with compassion and I can give them practical steps that they can use to help them problem solve. I am their supporter and encourager and teach them to be that for themselves.

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