Jacqueline Mitchell







Substance Abuse

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Adults Ages (18-64)




8 Years

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I have in depth experience in working with individuals that deal with high levels of anxiety and depression. I work with them in identifying their goals within the therapeutic process and then we work toward building the necessary skills to help in minimizing and managing their symptoms. With substance abuse I have worked one on one as well as in residential settings to help individuals in identify the underlying cause of their addiction. We begin identifying skills necessary to process and overcome/manage those symptoms. During this process we begin also working on abstinence and recovery to help them ultimately reach their goals of sobriety, mental, and emotional well being while being able to function normally in day to day living.

I am very open minded and accepting of all those I serve on the therapeutic level. I have the utmost respect for my clients for having the courage to reach out and put themselves in such a vulnerable position. At the onset of treatment I try to get to know my clients while allowing them the opportunity to get to know me and to learn that they are in a place of acceptance and nonjudgment. It is very important to me to ensure my clients are in a safe and trusting environment.

I provide a safe and trusting environment that allows my clients to feel comfortable in opening up and sharing whatever it is that they are seeking help with. I like to keep the therapeutic environment as relaxing as possible so the client will feel free to open up and address their problems and be able to fully immerse themselves toward growth and change.

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