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Mood Disorders (Depression and Anxiety)

Trauma Based Disorders

Adjustment Disorders

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Adults Ages (18-64)

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14 Years

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I have been working as a therapist since 2008 and enjoy helping people understand the role of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in creating a life worth living for themselves. Relationships are important for coping with day to day stressors. One that often gets neglected is the personal relationship an individual has with his or herself. I enjoy helping people identify their strengths and define themselves by these qualities.

Mental health treatment has become necessary during the current era. Oftentimes, mental illness results in having an inaccurate image of yourself or the surrounding world. I typically utilize Cognitive Behaviorally based interventions to help people challenge their self limiting thoughts or behaviors that are barriers to having their needs and goals met.

I view mental health as one of the most important forms of wellness. I also possess a flexible style to incorporate any changes that take place in the lives of the clients I am working with as the relationship develops. It is important for me to encourage change and open mindedness in the people I meet with. These are traits that I am constantly developing in myself and believe they are important for addressing mental health needs.

I also tend to vary my interaction style according to the client I am working with. For more talkative clients, I tend to listen more. For quieter sessions, I pay more attention to nonverbal communication.

It is important for me to help clients attain (or reattain) a sense of personal authority in their lives. I also enjoy helping people navigate the mental health system because of its vastness.

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