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I have experience with many therapeutic specialties, but one specific specialty that I find effective is psychotherapy which falls into five different other approaches. This approach is very helpful and guides me through the processes of understanding my client, problems and developing a solution. The five specialties of approach fall into five categories. They are as follows: Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies allow me to work closely with the client to focus on change, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts to uncover their unconscious intentions and causes. The client is able to learn more about themselves by exploring their interaction in therapy. Behavior therapy allows the client to learn what abnormal and normal behavior looks like which leads to the utilization of cognitive behavioral therapy which focuses on the client’s thoughts and behaviors. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) emphasizes what the client thinks rather than what they do. Through CBT therapy, the client can change their thoughts which can change how they feel and their behavior When incorporating “Humanistic Therapy.” I am able to help the client in making sound choices and reaching their maximum potential. This approach leads to three other approaches, for example in “Client- Centered” where I assist the client in change by highlighting care, concern, and interest in the client, in “Gastalt therapy” I help the client to focus on being in the here and now, and in existential therapy the client will focus on free-will, find purpose, and self-perseverance. Lastly, I use “Holistic Therapy” which does not tie me to any one approach but allows me to blend different approaches to tailor the client’s treatment according to each client’s need.

As a therapist, it comes naturally for me to build rapport with my clients as I make each client feel comfortable and welcomed. I treat all of my clients the same by not placing judgment, or making them feel less than due to mistakes or unwanted circumstances. While there may be tears and tissues from time to time, clients may find me incorporating humor in hopes of brightening their day. The more our therapeutic relationship grows, I believe laughter brings positive energy and motivation. I have past clients who verbalized they had never felt accepted or as comfortable in session as they did with me. I am all in, my goal is to shed some light and let them know there is hope regardless of temporary circumstances in life. I am self-aware of my own strengths and weaknesses so I can provide quality services to my clients. I never allow my past trauma or possible current problem(s) to burden a client’s session, instead, I use my life experiences to help strengthen the client’s outlook. I am a true witness to overcoming the odds. I want my clients to know they have a safe haven to talk freely about their problems. As a Therapist, I guide clients through personal challenges, help ease emotional burdens, and empower them to achieve a healthier mind. With a new mindset, clients are able to pursue new ways to live in both their professional and personal lives. I am patient and I am kind!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to my client’s stories. I naturally develop healthy professional relationships with the client. I believe in being genuine and real as a person, engaged, having unconditional positive regard for the client, being empathetic, and being able to communicate these attributes. At the end of the day, that is all our clients want is to be heard and know the therapist is present, and I mean really present with them. And being the person that I am, I am able to give that to them authentically.

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