Sarah Richards





Grief and Loss


Age Groups

Adolescents Ages (15-17)

Adults Ages (18-64)




2 Years

Personal Experience & Biography

I am very passionate about my clients growing and getting help. The different therapy modalities that I use are helpful for a wide variety of circumstances such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, adjustment issues, and many more. I am trained in multiple types of therapy which helps me to choose which works best for each individual client! I have a special place in my heart for working with women and the specific struggles that they face.

A session with me can vary person to person. Some people enjoy the upbeat side of me that can be super efficient. Other people enjoy a more calm and slow approach. Im perfectly fine with either! I am creative and like to use lots of imagery and examples. Overall I want my clients to feel welcome and comfortable when they are in session, so whatever they need, i’ve got it!

What keeps my clients coming back for more therapy is the growth they see in themselves. Growth can be better coping skills, less anxiety, or even processing through memories they never thought they could. Once a clients sees the possibilities of therapy they keep coming back! Being a consistent and stable therapist also helps ensure that they feel like someone has their back and will be there when they need it most!

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