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Throughout the state of Kentucky, we offer a wide scope of mental health services. Both adults and children can find the care they need through our counseling, psychiatry, targeted case management, or intensive outpatient programs — without the long wait times.

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What to Expect

Please check out this quick tutorial of what to expect from Counseling Now counseling, psychiatry, and case management online services.

What to Expect

Please check out this quick tutorial of what to expect from Counseling Now counseling, psychiatry, and case management online services.

Depression Counseling In Florence KY

264 million people around the globe, regardless of age, suffer from depression. It is a common mental disorder worldwide and raising awareness is the key to approaching the burden of this disease. Depression is treatable if mental help and counseling are sought right away.

If not, it can greatly affect a person’s performance at work, school, and put strains on relationships. Worse, if depression is left untreated it can lead to suicidal thoughts. Did you know that 800,000 people in the world commit suicide every day due to depression? That is why raising awareness about depression and overcoming the stigma of seeking mental help is important.

What Is Depression

What Is Depression?
Depression in simple terms is a mental health condition that can negatively affect how a person feels, thinks, and acts. In short, a depressed individual may feel sad all the time and lose interest in doing daily tasks. Depression can affect a person physically, emotionally, and mentally.
What Causes Depression?

Depression is caused by more than one reason. It’s a pent-up of overwhelming emotions due to life challenges and stress. The common reasons why a person can become depressed are:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Work-related problems
  • Overwhelming school work
  • Loss of employment
  • Income-related difficulties
  • Traumatic childhood experiences
  • Traumatic events (like a car accident or war such as in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Relationship problems
  • Poor coping mechanisms
  • Unhealthy suppression of anger
  • Hormonal problems
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs abuse

Symptoms: How Do You Know If You Are Depressed?

The symptoms of depression can manifest in many ways. Males and females may show it differently. Children, teens, and young adults may show symptoms in different ways. Not all these symptoms may show, it is different for everyone. This list can give you an idea if you’re experiencing depression or help detect if a loved one is going through it.

General Symptoms:

  • Depressive symptoms like feeling sad most of the time for two weeks or more
  • Loss of interest in activities enjoyed before
  • Low libido or loss of sexual appetite
  • Eating disorders (binge eating or loss of eating appetite)
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Changes in sleeping patterns (unable to sleep or oversleeping)
  • Feeling physically weak or lack energy
  • Having difficulties in concentrating, thinking, and making decisions
  • Suicidal thoughts

When to Seek Professional Help When Feeling Depressed

The best answer to this question is: It is time to seek help from mental health professionals when you feel depressed and it’s starting to affect eating, sleeping, and behavior patterns.

If the depression starts to affect work, school, relationships, and everyday functioning, it’s not healthy. Receiving the appropriate counseling, psychiatry, or therapy is the fastest way to get past depression. If you’re from Florence, KY, or the nearby areas, you can get it here at KCC.

What to Expect

Here at Kentucky Counseling Center (KCC), our team of mental health providers offers Depression Counseling to the community of Florence, KY, and the nearby areas. Know more about depression, its signs, and how the Depression Counseling of KCC can help you or a loved one overcome depression.

Let Our Team of Mental Health Professionals Help You

You may be wondering what types of approaches and help are offered by Kentucky Counseling Center Florence, KY Here’s what you should need to know. At Kentucky Counseling Center or Florence, KY, we have therapists who have the experience, knowledge, and skills to deal with any type of depression.

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Psychologists
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Family Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychiatrists
  • Case Managers
  • Community Support Associates
  • Peer Support Specialists

Through our years of experience in taking care of the mental health of the residents of Florence, KY, and nearby areas, we have formulated programs that are proven effective.

We offer one of the largest networks of mental health care professionals in Kentucky with KCC Direct. Our online mental health program allows you to get the mental health care you need in a way that has never been more convenient. Connect to a provider using any device with internet access- phone, tablet, or computer. All services are available for children and adults who live in Kentucky. Some services are available for Ohio residents.

Our client-centered approach to mental health targets your strengths and works with you to get your life on track. Our mental health professionals are here to empower your efforts and help you make life decisions for the better through individualized care. 

Our Online Mental Health Service Options


Kentucky Counseling Center offers various telehealth and in-office counseling services. From individual and group to family and couples counseling, our highly trained clinicians can bring mental health care to you wherever you are.


We have Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners along with experienced Family Nurse Practitioners standing by to help reduce your psychiatric symptoms. Patients, both children and adults, can receive telehealth psychiatry services through Kentucky Counseling Center.

Case Management

Case managers are mental health professionals that are trained to connect you with financial, educational, employment, and health resources within your community. Must have a qualifying diagnosis and Medicaid benefits for program eligibility.

Payments Accepted

“I started Kentucky Counseling Center in 2014 because I was frustrated with my father’s experience getting treatment for schizophrenia. When he finally found someone that could help, there was a 6-month waiting list, and the doctor didn’t accept his insurance. Mental health care should be easy to find and affordable to receive.”

Matt Grammer, LPCC-S Founder

KCC Mental Health Services Include

We also offer online therapy or professional counseling for obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, mood disorders, separation anxiety, eating disorders, and any other mental health issues.

We are also here for guidance with life transitions, anger management, stress management, to boost self-esteem, traumatic life events, relationship issues, parenting issues, professional support on how to lead a meaningful life.

Seeking Help At KCC Florence, KY

If you’re in Florence, you don’t have to leave your home to see a therapist from KCC. You can schedule your appointment through our KCC Direct Telehealth Care Services.

Do not wait for any form of anxiety to let you live a happy and productive life. The Telehealth Care services of Kentucky Counseling Center provides anxiety counseling in Florence, through long-distance mental health services just a few clicks away.