Everyone experiences drama from time to time. It may happen more often to some who regularly interact with overly dramatic people.

Overly dramatic people can be very annoying and tiring to deal with. You may not be able to get rid of them in your life, but this article will teach you how to handle them so you don’t lose your marbles.  

What Is Dramatic Behavior?

Dramatic behavior is an attention-seeking attitude. A dramatic person is like a walking jukebox that loudly plays any song to the liking of the people around them.

Other people’s drama can be contagious. It can be a co-worker or a friend. Just like many dramas on TV, if it is a really good one, many will show interest and watch it. This is what overly dramatic people want. They want to be at the center of the lives of the people around them.

Behaviors of Dramatic People

Watching people’s drama can be exhausting and stressful. They feel that their life story is like a blockbuster movie. Their actions may seem inappropriate, embarrassing, or ridiculous to others. They are unaware that they are creating drama and even find themselves less humorous than others perceive them.

A dramatic person thinks they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. But in reality, their problems are very superficial. They want their rescuers to console them when they feel down or laugh when they gossip about others. You have to recognize the behaviors common to dramatic people so you’ll know how to deal with them.

1. They’re Depressed or Aggressive

People show aggressive behavior when they throw away things, hit the wall or floor, or do any action that could physically harm themselves or other people. Aggression is dangerous. If you notice this bad behavior in a person, it is best to move away to avoid being hurt.

Some may be hospitalized to prevent themselves from further physical harm. They could be suffering from a mental illness such as depression or hysterical personality disorder, which needs professional attention right away.

2. They Are Embarrassing to Be With

Dramatic people will do anything to draw as much attention to themselves as much as they can. They could create drama by screaming out loud or doing something ridiculous just to get attention. If you are in the company of overly dramatic people, be ready to be in several embarrassing situations.

3. They are Childish

When you see kids having a temper tantrum, they may look cute or pitiful. But when a dramatic adult throws a tantrum, it is considered very childish. Acting childish is the only way they get what they want, which is attention. If you behave this way, it is best to seek counseling as soon as possible so your childhood issues can be resolved before it is too late.

4. They Act Like It’s the End of the World

Drama is often associated with tragedy. Most dramas shown on TV have tragic scenes. Real-life drama queens, however, can make a regular day the end of the world for them by catastrophizing minor unpleasant events or things that are not negative at all.

Dramatic people don’t only focus on the tragic. They also exaggerate the pleasing and wonderful events that are happening to them. Whether they experience tragic or wonderful life events, dramatic people will surely share the news with other people on social media.  

5. They Are Exhausting to Be With

Other people’s drama is full of energy. Their batteries don’t seem to get drained despite their negative energy. So, being around them would feel very exhausting or tiring.

Dramatic people will most likely share their problems with you and ask you for help in solving them. You have to be firm enough to say “no.” They should handle their own problems, not you.

6. They Are Dramatic Even Toward Their Family

Family dramas are very common. Many enjoy this opportunity to bond with the people who mean so much to them.

Gatherings can be fun but can also cause stress when you have dramatic relationships in the family. Small issues can trigger an entire family drama. You’d rather miss out on family gatherings even if you want to be there just to avoid that dramatic family member.

Tips on How to Deal with Dramatic People

Being around dramatic people and avoiding them won’t be easy. So how do you deal with them and still maintain your sanity?

1. Accept That They Most Likely Won’t Change

You should remember that it is never easy to change someone’s behavior. If you find yourself interacting with a dramatic person, remember that they can’t change their dramatic ways. Maintain this mindset so you will be less likely to be affected by their drama.

2. Expect Complicated Situations to Happen

If you are with family members, friends, or co-workers, you most definitely know which ones are the drama makers. You have to recognize who they are and determine what particular dramatic behavior pisses you off. This way, you can shield yourself from negative emotions whenever they are around.

3. Be Calm

They will do everything they can to get your attention. If they are being overly dramatic, remember to take a deep breath, focus on your own needs, stay calm, and hold your peace. 

4. Step Away from the Drama

To keep your sanity, it is best to step away and recollect yourself. You can go to another room or outside. If you still feel uncomfortable being around the dramatic person, you can inform them that you want to leave.

5. Know That the Drama Is Not About You

You feel singled out by your family. But in reality, the dramatic person exposes their own issues or insecurities for the information of everyone around.

6. Focus on Yourself

Everyone has problems, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to solve them for others. Try not to engage in their problems if you don’t want to enter their dramatic universe. It may be uncomfortable to see a family member in pain, and you may be drawn to help them. If you must help, set healthy boundaries and offer only what you can, without going overboard.        

7. Set Clear Boundaries

Let your family know your boundaries. Make the necessary guidelines so everyone can enjoy spending time together.

8. Get Support

Not everyone in the family likes drama. You can easily spot a relative who hates drama like you. Talk to them and get their support.

If you still want to be in the loop of what is happening in your family, you can ask them about the facts. You should also know what is happening within the family.

Tips on How to Deal With Overly Dramatic People

A little drama in life is not bad. It can add some spice to your ordinary life. However, you should also be aware that too much drama is harmful. How can you minimize too much drama in your life?

1. Check If You’re the One Creating the Drama

Do you feel excited all the time that you can’t seem to control yourself from creating drama in various aspects of your life? If you are constantly doing this, you could be the actual drama scriptwriter, not other people.

Ask yourself the following questions. Does gaining attention from others thrill you? Did you grow up with so much drama at home that without it, your life is dull?

Are there alternative solutions to get the attention you crave for? Do you have a romantic partner whom you can get direct attention from?

2. Change Your Point of View

The characters and plot of your drama are all make-believe. The drama that you think you are going through may all be in your head. You may feel this way because you are deeply bothered by the difficult situations you are in right now.

If the feeling is too much for you, pause and breathe. The problem you are facing right now will soon pass. There are factors you can’t control.

Instead, direct your attention to the things that you can manage and control. What are the concrete actions you can do to solve your problem?

3. Don’t Get Hooked on Others’ Drama

Out of pity, you may easily give in to the dramatic display of others. Being considerate of other people’s feelings is a good thing. However, you should be able to assess if you can manage the drama or not.

If you feel you have enough, respectfully ask to leave. Sometimes, dramatic people tend to calm down if they know no one is listening or giving them attention. 

4. Review Toxic Relationships

You probably have a mental list of the toxic people in your life. Often, you don’t abandon toxic relationships; rather, you minimize the time you spend with them.

If you cannot avoid meeting each other, most especially if they are family, you can make some adjustments. If they start to be dramatic, try to change the topic to something less dramatic. You might be surprised that they are interested in the new topic.

5. Be Firm and Clear in Communication

The drama starts because of poor communication, which causes misunderstanding and confusion. Be clear, upfront, and set boundaries. You have to say what is on your mind in the most respectful manner. It may be difficult at first, but it will benefit all relationships in the long run.

Let people know that they can open up to you. Try to be open-minded and accept both negative and positive comments.

6. Be Careful in Judging Other People’s Behavior

Don’t be too judgmental. Don’t be too quick to say that the person is dramatic. If that person is family or a close friend, you should know them well. If they weren’t this dramatic before, they indeed might be experiencing problems now.

Let go of your prejudice and be there to listen and offer comfort. Maybe that person just needs someone to talk to. It might even be unnecessary for you to give comforting words.

7. Learn From the Drama

Life won’t be interesting without drama. Sometimes, when you have nothing better to do, you turn on the TV and watch a dramatic show. The drama will always be there. Make it a learning opportunity to be better equipped in dealing with problems in the future.

End the Drama

If you are in a place that is too noisy or burdensome, it is time to seek professional advice. Kentucky Counseling Center (KCC) is the place where you can seek refuge during your most dramatic and troubling moments.

The dramas of life will never end, but with the right support team, you can overcome life’s dramas and learn from them. KCC can help you deal with overly dramatic people as well as avoid unnecessary drama.   

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