Kentucky Counseling Center offers accessible and convenient online teen psychiatry services. You can access our incredible network through any device with a secure internet connection, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

We know how important mental health care is for young adults, and finding a reliable provider in your area can be difficult. That’s why we offer teen psychiatry offerings online — so that you can get the care you need when you need it most. 

What to Expect

Here at Kentucky Counseling Center, our extraordinary team of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Family Nurse Practitioners are standing by to assist with a wide range of mental health needs. Check out this informational video to get a better understanding of what you can expect from our online teen psychiatry services through KCC Direct. 

Scheduling Your Online Psychiatry Session

We make scheduling your psychiatry appointment a breeze, with quick and easy access to care options and professional help from any device with a secure internet connection. 

In just a few clicks, you’ll have the opportunity to get telehealthcare through your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. We know that being a teen presents a diverse range of challenges, and having convenient access to psychiatric professionals can significantly impact one’s future. Our incredible team of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners can help diagnose, create treatment plans, pivot current directives, and discover avenues for betterment. 

To schedule an appointment for teen psychiatry online with KCC Direct, simply follow the instructions below and get the reliable care you need today, without the long wait times.

KCC Direct Teen Psychiatry Services

Being a teen is hard enough, and finding reliable and accessible psychiatric services near you may be impossible. That’s why we offer online teen psychiatric services so that you can receive the care you need, when and where you need it most.  

Many of our patients love our online services through KCC Direct for its convenience and flexibility, as in-person options aren’t always feasible for teens. Whether it’s because physical meetups aren’t comfortable, accessible, or safe — our online psychiatry services for teens is a fantastic alternative to getting the care you need fast. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners help provide a diagnosis, perform psychiatric evaluations, recognize risk factors, and offer treatment routes for betterment. 

We know that every teen is different, with unique backgrounds, hurdles to overcome, and compatible treatment options. We put our patients first, offering individualized care every step of the way. Our incredible psychiatry staff gets to know each and every patient so that we can better understand how to help. 

Through our vast provider network and cutting edge telehealth capabilities, we’re able to offer unparalleled psychiatry care for teens online. Through KCC Direct, we give teens the compassionate care, resources, and tools to grow and move forward toward a brighter tomorrow.


Here at KCC Direct, we believe in accessibility and affordability for all our psychiatry services. We accept a wide range of insurance providers, which may differ depending on where you live. Below is a list of our accepted insurance providers: 

  • Medicaid 
  • Anthem 
  • Passport 
  • Wellcare 
  • Aetna
  • Caresource 
  • Humana 
  • United 
  • Cigna 
  • Optum 
  • Molina 
  • Tricare 
  • Medicare 
  • And more

If you’re not interested in using insurance for our teen online psychiatry services — don’t worry; we have some of the most affordable options in the area. Mental health care shouldn’t be a privilege, which is why we believe in offering accessible online avenues for betterment without breaking the bank. 


As we mentioned, mental health services shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why at Kentucky Counseling Center, we provide affordable and reliable care options for teens online through KCC Direct. We accept the following payment methods for our psychiatric services: 

  • Kentucky Medicaid- Passport, Wellcare, Anthem, CareSource, Aetna
  • Most major commercial insurance plans

To learn about affordable self-pay options, please contact us.

The Psychiatric Care You Need — Online

Teens have a lot to deal with; whether it’s maintaining relationships with their peers, managing school, handling work, identity concerns, or family stressors, a lot is going on at all times. Our staff and psychiatry teams understand this and have the longstanding experience to help those teens struggling with mental health find the best possible treatment option. Our online psychiatry care options give teens and adolescents the opportunities needed to discover the right care without needing to come in for an in-person visit. Our commitment to accessible and convenient mental health care remains, even through our telehealth services.