Sometimes, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and it can derail our entire day. However, if there’s a wrong side, there must also be the right side.

Mornings are important. We’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and sets the rhythm for the rest of your day. Well, if we can feed our physical body for the better, we can also feed our minds for the better. 

The beginning of your day can be a daunting time, and we understand that those dealing with the negative symptoms of mental health may find this to be an especially troubling time of day. It can become cyclical, where every day, you’re looking forward to the next with less and less enthusiasm. Well, there’s no better way to break a cycle than by changing the wheel. 

We know that doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t reap new results, and the same can be said for waking up on the wrong side of the bed. So, here are 5 tips and tricks you can try to wake up for a better day. 

5 Tips for Waking Up Happier 

Prep Work 

Sometimes, the best way to start out on the right foot is to prepare for the time ahead. Many of us who despise mornings are night people and have an incredible amount of energy and life in the nighttime hours. Use this to your advantage. It’s during these hours that you may find picking out your clothes or setting up the coffee pot to be helpful for the morning. Take the time to gather your things, whether it be setting your keys and wallet next to your phone — or putting together your work belonging so that you’re ready to hit the morning in stride. 

Getting Enough Sleep 

Sleep is such an important part of mental health. Sleep issues can be both a symptom and a consequence of problems you may be dealing with. It can be a daunting issue to overcome, but it can make a world of difference when it comes to how you wake up in the morning. If you’re dealing with sleep problems, it’s never too late to do something about it. There are natural remedies such as melatonin, which need to be taken carefully in order to keep your body’s sleep clock aligned. A productive exercise routine has also illustrated improved sleeping conditions. There are even prescriptions that can be prescribed by a psychiatrist. Seeking help, either through counseling or psychiatry services, can help individuals that are dealing with chronic sleep problems. 

The Right Alarm Clock 

This may be a surprising one, but the type of alarm clock you wake up to can have a significant impact on the start of your day. If your alarm clock jolts you up in the morning, it may be setting the tone for an anxious or alarming day. Now, everyone is different, so finding an alarm clock that works for you isn’t necessarily something we can recommend. However, it’s safe to say that some alarm noises that are pre-programmed into your phone or alarm clock are not doing your morning any favors. There are special alarm clocks that wake you up with light, which can be a great alternative to the buzzing sounds of classic alarm clocks. It can also be helpful to use a designated alarm clock instead of your phone. This can break the cycle of checking notifications or ending up down a social media rabbit hole to start your day. 


It may seem silly, but daily affirmations right when you wake up can help set the tone. These can be done either before bed or right when you wake up. If you have a bedtime routine (which can help by the way), perhaps repeating what you are thankful for or positive parts of your day can be a positive push toward starting your morning off right. If you’re doing these at night, perhaps some calming music, white noise, or sleep podcasts can be a great way to wind down for the night. However, doing these affirmations right when you wake up can be a productive experience as well. Envisioning a positive and productive day, or “speaking it into existence” can be a reaffirming gesture to yourself.  

Start With the Things You Love 

Sometimes, the worst part about waking up is that it inevitably leads to your long day at work. If that’s the case, it may be beneficial to begin your day earlier and start with something you love to jumpstart the positive feelings. If you like working out, start your day with some morning exercise. If you have a hobby, carve out an hour or so at the beginning of your day to work on what you love. Perhaps it’s yoga, shooting some hoops, cross-stitching, woodcarving — you name it. If you find pleasure in it, start your day with it! Even the morning coffee you love and live off of can be something you look forward to. Yes, we know it means waking up even earlier — but it will give you something to get excited about when the sun creeps through your curtains. 

Start Your Day the Right Way 

Starting your day off on the right side of the bed really comes down to you. If you find something that doesn’t work, scrap it and try something else. It’s a process, we understand — but an important one if you want to wake up to a better day. 

  • Prepare for your day the night before 
  • Get a healthy sleep routine 
  • Use the right alarm clock
  • Say some daily affirmations
  • Start your day with what you love to do

While these aren’t the only five ways you can start your day off on a better foot, they are some great places to start. It’s really a matter of testing out new ways to start your day off right, and sticking with it. There’s no one size fits all solution for a better day — everyone has their own puzzle to complete. Counseling services can also help a variety of individuals explore various methods for a positive start to the day. Whether it’s through in-person counseling, group counseling, or even online counseling services — there are plenty of options out there that can help. 

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3 thoughts on “Start the Day Off Right: 5 Things to Try When You Wake Up for a Better Day

  1. Thanks for the tip about using daily affirmations in order to start the day right. I’ve been feeling very unmotivated whenever I wake up in the morning these past few months so I would like to make sure that this would not develop into something worse. Maybe I should consider looking for a mental health counseling service soon.

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