At this very moment, can you talk to yourself and ask these questions: “Am I at the lowest point of my life?” “Am I a failure?” “Can this feeling of depression and frustration go any deeper?”

Have you reached a point in your life where you ask yourself if you can fail any further? If you feel that you have reached the lowest of lows, then you have hit rock bottom. You are most likely pulling yourself up right now.

There is no person on the planet who has never experienced failure and frustration. At some point in your life, you may have hit a brick wall, and things started to fall and crumble down.

The phrase “hitting rock bottom” differs for each individual. The depth of your “rock bottom” may be different from your friend or family.

This is a period in your life when you happen to find yourself in the lowest possible position. Things cannot get any worse. You feel so broken or destroyed that there is nothing left to tear down.

Every Person’s Lowest Point Is Different

Everyone’s story of success and failure is unique. Every single person also faces different demons.

It is only when you have reached the bottom of the pit that you begin to realize that you have indeed hit rock bottom. You then start to have a positive outlook, and you begin your journey to recovery.

There are different reasons why a person may feel they’ve reached the bottom. Some of these reasons could be a failure in marriage, loss of job, loss of a home, or even drug addiction.

What Hitting Bottom Feels Like

Your everyday life is monotonous. Every single day, you wake up, eat, work and sleep. You do this on repeat every day. That is why when you reach the bottom, you face challenges.

These challenges shake up your life. They bring you to fear, hopelessness, frustration, and darkness. You are unable to think well and cope.

Signs You May Have Reached Rock Bottom

Everyone’s experience is different. You should know whether you are still floating or starting to feel your problems cannot get any worse. You can refer to the list below for the signs that may help determine if you have reached rock bottom

1. You got fired from your job or lost your business.

2. You no longer have a house and are homeless.

3. You have insurmountable financial problems.

4. You crossed the line and are in trouble with the law.

5. You had a drug overdose.

6. You got kicked out of school or dropped out.

7. You attained a serious injury that may cause permanent disability.

8. You no longer have support from your family due to divorce or failed marriage.

9. You experienced domestic abuse.

These are helpful signs that can guide you to determine your current situation. Maybe you are in one or two of these situations, but it may not necessarily mean that you have reached rock bottom.

This is the time for you to finally notice the negative impacts brought about by your problems. This realization then prods you to put an end to your lifestyle and seek professional help.

Is Hitting Rock Bottom Good or Bad?

We can never say that something is generally good or bad. The answer to the question will depend on the affected individual’s perspective.

If you have an addiction, it changes you in unthinkable ways. You start doing bad things you promised yourself you would never do. You start to lose yourself and your family’s affection and trust.

It is only when you’ve reached the bottom of the pit that you feel worthless. You want to look for a way out, reach out to someone helpful, and be sober.

How to Bounce Back After You Fall

Life can get rough and tough. No one gets by life without being hit by the big waves of life. Every single human being faces monstrous waves in life. No one is exempted.

What do you do when you get hit by big waves and you are desperate enough to survive? You let the waves hit you one after another without backing down. You rise up, breathe, and swim your way towards higher ground.

The same goes for life’s problems. You should never back down. You should swim towards a better day even if it is very hard.

What to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

1. Believe in Yourself

No matter how rough life can get, you should always believe in yourself. Someone else may throw you questionable looks and may put you down or discourage you. But never back down. Keep moving forward because many opportunities await you.

2. Feel Your Pain and Regain Control of Your Life

The pain of being isolated, alone and frustrated can be unbearable. You may be taking medication to drown the pain and anxiety.

It feels like you don’t want this life anymore. It is not wrong to feel sad, empty, and lost. It is right for you to acknowledge these emotions.

Sit in one corner and cry out loud. But after doing so, stand up and take control of your life once again. Nothing comes easy in life; you have to struggle and work for it. The wound will soon go away if you face the pain head-on and take control of your life.

3. Be More Compassionate to Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on practicing self-compassion.

Be your own personal hero and cheerleader so you can save yourself. Treat yourself with more compassion because the best person who can treat you well is yourself.

4. Be Responsible for Yourself

When you are feeling down, the last thing you want to hear is, “You should take responsibility for your mistakes. It’s your fault.” Don’t let this get to you. Blaming yourself and others will do more damage than good.

You do need to take responsibility by finding ways to be better. You will find peace if you accept your responsibility towards yourself because you won’t be coming from a place of blame.

5. Find your Home and Comfort Again

Every time you plan to go on a vacation, you always look for a place where it would feel like home, yet different. You want to look for something unfamiliar and new, but you want it to be comfortable and homey at the same time.

Home may not only mean your physical house. Home could also mean the wonderful people who surround you. Spend time and connect with them. Find peace and comfort in such people to accelerate your recovery.

6. Go Out and Enjoy the World

Having a break and enjoying the outdoors is wonderful for your recovery. But don’t pressure yourself too much. Take your time if you are still uncomfortable going out, as this process doesn’t end overnight.

7. Mingle with Positive People

Once you are happy with your home, it is now time to share it with the world. This means sharing who you are with people.

It is important that you surround yourself with positive, helpful, and encouraging people. They will affirm you, and this will help you get back up faster.

8. Create a Recovery Plan and Seek Professional Help

Striking your internal struggles head-on is not easy. But, once you accept this difficult task, it gets easier. It is now time for you to figure out what has happened in the past and create your plan of action.

Ask for suggestions and advice from family, friends, or even professional therapists or coaches. It is time for you to set both short- and long-term goals and look for opportunities to better yourself.

A plan is useless if you don’t take concrete steps on how to go about your recovery. Take baby steps towards a brighter future and don’t forget to celebrate your small wins. 

Is Hitting Bottom the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

Due to the overwhelming feelings from failure, you start to look for ways to recover. Being scared of the unknown and the uncertain, you start to seek help and counsel.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are on the verge of losing your job. Your job is the only thing that sustains your family and pays the bills. If you lose your job, you may lose your family and even your home. This is enough reason to get back to your senses and ask for help.

The negative things that are happening to you right now may look dark and tragic. Things are falling apart very quickly.

The thing is, when you reach the lowest point in your life, there is no other way to go but up. So is hitting the lowest point the best thing that has ever happened to you?

The answer depends on you. Are you willing to pick yourself up, move forward, and go for therapy? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then hitting rock bottom can be the best that has ever happened to you.

Time to Climb Up

Like the famous line in a song, “It is all about the climb.” The steps you take are the most important. The climb will surely be tough and challenging. But with the right support and personal dedication, you can reach the top once again.

Don’t stay hidden in the dark. There are people who are willing to bring light into your life. Remember, “There is no way to go but up” when you hit rock bottom.

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