Have you ever sat in a concert and felt in awe of the performer? Or how a speaker charismatically carries himself as he wows the crowd with his speech? It’s awesome how our voices and how we carry ourselves influence others.

What is the voice for? The voice is designed for communication. You use your voice to talk to other people. For some who can’t, like individuals who are mute, your voice may be how you communication with others, and that’s sign language or non-verbal cues. Communication can be easy to do, but it has a lot of power to it.

What Does It Mean to Find Your Voice?

What does it really mean when you are finding your voice? Can you say, finding your voice is also finding yourself? What do you desire in life? You have the desire to belong and to be of value to others. You want your voice to be heard by the people around you. 

You want to be significant and real. When you find your voice, you do not only discover the “old” you. Rather, you find out more about yourself. Being able to find your voice gives you more freedom to express yourself and be heard.

Have you found your voice? If not yet, ask yourself these questions: “What are the reasons why you are afraid to speak out?” and “Who are the people or voices that control you from speaking?” You become insecure. Being unable to express your voice is a harsh reality.

The point of the matter is, finding your voice is being able to say or write something. When you hear your voice or read your words, you know it sounds like you. The ability to express yourself confidently is a step towards finding your voice.

How to Find Your Own Unique Voice

Have you ever wondered why the voices of well-known persons are very influential? For instance, Oprah Winfrey. She’s very influential that when she talks, people listen. When she gives advice or suggestions, people follow. When she wrote a book, people bought. Your voice may not be as influential as Oprah’s. But is that enough reason to give up?

People around you often talk and give unsolicited comments. Don’t be scared. This is an excellent opportunity for you to sum up your courage and speak out. Let your voice be heard. If you know you are speaking the truth, let them hear it.

Finding Your Voice Through Writing

Many famous writers experience a mental blockage. After writing a blockbuster book, for instance, they sometimes have no idea what to write next. Sometimes, the best works come from their doodles or messed-up ideas. Writing is a form of self-expression. You discover your voice through written words. In this complex life, being able to write and express yourself is therapeutic.

When you feel your words aren’t good enough, you feel they sound great in your head but not on paper. If you are a writer, encourage yourself. Do not belittle your writing. What you write is good. No content is bad. You just need some help polishing your write-up, and it will come out better than you imagined. 

You can seek professional coaching support to help you create your own stories. They will guide you in achieving your writing goals. Through professional help, you could gain confidence in what you write. 

You can build confidence in writing through daily exercises and drills. You need to clear your head and simplify your creative thoughts to transfer these onto the page. Seeking help will support you until you get published. Every writer’s dream is to write a book, get published, and be famous. Here are some tips on how you can find your voice through writing:

Write as Much as you Can

No one can deny the importance of practice. This famous phrase sums it well: “Practice Makes Perfect”. At present, composing hand-written letters is long gone. There is a need for people to be able to express themselves through writing. In the past, people always write. They composed letters to send to their loved ones. At present, you can simply send a text or chat message to your loved ones.

If you really think about it, writing nowadays is much easier than before. Writers before struggle when they make a mistake. They have to retype everything all over again. Now, you can easily edit your work and not waste a single paper.

This is w high time for you to grab your computer and start making word magic! You can start writing blog posts, make online reviews, poetry, short stories, start a journal, or even a book. Each one has its own unique style of writing. You will uncover yours through constant practice.

Keep Experimenting

You should have the habit of reading. Read the works of famous writers. Try to mimic their technique until you find out what suits your personality. Keep experimenting with what works for you; soon, you will have your distinct writing style.

Listen to Yourself

Writing is life’s way of making you talk to yourself. You are writing in silence, but inside your head, it is a marketplace full of ideas. What are writers struggling about? There is a struggle to transfer those mental ideas onto paper. Your head is spinning with brilliant ideas, but you have to make a connection with the paper in front of you. You have to organize your thoughts, turn those thoughts into letters printed on a piece of paper.

Be Authentic

In writing, there are times that you write quality content. There are also times that your article may be useless that you want to throw it out. If you find yourself in this situation, do not throw it away. Read your work thoroughly. You can find the truth and the authenticity in its uselessness. You can then improve your work and come up with a better article than you initially thought.

Find Simplicity and Clarity

When you know what to say but still have a hard time putting them into words, these struggles can be seen on paper. Before you begin writing, clear the path of your mind and focus. Practice removing destructive ideas from your head. This way, you can come up with a simple and profound idea.

Look for Meaning in Words

If you have something to say, speak or write up. If you are a writer, make appealing but relatable content about a controversial topic. Your words will undoubtedly influence others. If you are an amateur writer, you can make use of social media. You can use Twitter or even make a blog post to share what you feel. 

At Work

Whatever your economic status or situation in life is, you need to find your own voice. This is for your growth and development. It isn’t easy to raise your voice in a world filled with self-obsessed people. You have to look for your voice instead of worrying about the expectations of others about you. They may have their personal opinions about you. But, it is only you who can believe in the real you!  

Being able to find your voice in the workplace requires a lot of effort and dedication. Being able to find your voice is the very essence of your professionalism. Finding your voice doesn’t happen overnight.

Build Your Personal Brand

You often visit the shopping malls, and you see different famous brands. Your purchasing decision depends on the brand’s quality—all brands want to be the best in their respective industries.

As a professional, you also make your brand. This is called personal branding. The consequence of finding your voice is the self-confidence you build. It radiates to your whole being and now becomes your brand. Your brand is your personality or style in your professional line of work. When people say your name, it must connect to your work quality, and your character becomes a brand.   

You should not only like yourself when you are at work or with family. Your likeness for yourself should be consistent either at home or at work. Here are some tips on how you can start building your name brand:

  • You should know the right opportunity to express yourself respectfully.
  • You should know when to listen.
  • You are likable, authentic, assertive, and confident.
  • You should be a values-oriented person.


Listen to Your Voice

You have a passion for writing, and your voice can change the world. There is power and truth in your words. How do you use your voice? Your work on paper is not meaningless. Without you knowing it, your work may impact the life of a single person. Like this blog post, this is meant to inspire and encourage you. This is just a simple post created with a sincere heart.

Find the courage, strength, and power in yourself. The road to success is not easy. It would help if you had a solid support team to cheer you on. Kentucky Counseling Center (KCC) is here to help you find your voice and build your brand. You can discover your voice! You change the world!

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