The world is a vast place where we can experience a lot of things. Through these experiences, we can attain individual beliefs that can help us identify what is real or not. Growing up is where the child’s mindset is developed; this is where limiting belief begins. It can be caused by painful experiences at home or with peers. 

Limiting beliefs somewhat hinders us from becoming the best version of ourselves and keeps us away from success. Do you ever felt stuck? Feeling guilty? This post will either help or enlighten you on how to identify and how to stop limiting beliefs. 

Limiting Belief and Its Definition

Belief is a state of mind in which a person has trust and confidence that something exists. Is it as if he has faith in a person or a thing. Although identifying them is troublesome. To overcome these events is a daily struggle that is why empowering belief is crucial.

There are different types of factors that can affect one’s beliefs. These can by parents, learned from friends, and even past relationships. Our brain functions on what we perceive and what we had experienced before. 

Some examples are about yourself, expectations of other people, or how you view the world. As you go through life, you will encounter mental breakdowns that can hinder different areas of your life.

Factors of Limiting Beliefs

Understanding the background of limiting beliefs matters. There are several factors and causes that can affects the truth. Where does limiting belief come from? Ever wonder what does it do to yourself as a human being?.

Bullying, for example, these events can scar your life and can affect even applying for a job. Some emotions can stop you from achieving your lifelong dream. Here are some of the following factors to reflect on.

Your Family

As we grow old, the one that is stuck to us is our family. They are the foundations of your growth. They serve as trainers to hone you into the best that you can be.

Every moment in our life we think about is our family. What knowledge and skills did they instill in us? We have learned the values and morals they taught us, how we view the world, and what effects it portrays on our own behavior.

One excellent example is how to communicate with the opposite sex. From there, we can build our own limiting beliefs. These can help you identify what it is you truly believe in as a person. These assumptions can shape the way you think about yourself and your career.

Your Teachers

We can say that teachers are the second parent we have as we spend most of our time in school from preschool days until college. From the moment we enter the school, we think about what we could learn. Educators other than parents have a significant impact on oneself; they can change any area of your life.

The more you learn from your teacher, the more you lean on the truths of the world. They are the ones we looked up to, as they are authority figures. We believe in what they teach us, and we are willing to do so. As a result, it can create what we believe in and thoughts about limiting beliefs.

Your Relationship

To overcome tribulations in life, we have to build ourselves. We have to know the effects of our decision-making. For example, you got cheated on, the first thing to feel is heartbreak. These events can affect your mental health and can lead to a process of depression.

In conclusion to this, it can register in your thoughts that this is pain. Whenever ideas related to love comes to your mind, there is pain. Even the thought of being in another relationship frightens you. Bear in mind that in each sorrow comes greater happiness. It is important to remember that things in life are only temporary. Moving on is the key.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs

How to recognize your limiting beliefs? Here are some enumerated beliefs you can refer to. Knowing the facts can help counteract the negative effects of limiting beliefs.

About Yourself

Every aspect of ourselves has limits. Our attitude in the world can impact as we go along identifying each belief. We use age as an excuse not to pursue what we are destined to do. Some people think they are too young to drive, too old to work out or find a job.

Feelings also serve as a factor within our beliefs. If you are feeling sad and depressed, going out with friends can help resolve this. If you are angry with your co-workers because they talk crap behind your back, talking to them may subside your anger.

The reality is, if you do not do something about what’s bothering you, it will continue to haunt you. We should act without our emotions taking over us. We should learn how to control them.

About the World

The world is full of prejudiced people—the feeling when you can’t do something that you deserve. For instance, you may have a good-paying job but people in your colleagues don’t respect you. This can cause alarming limiting beliefs.

Most people overthink; they tend to think about what people might expect from them. It is not what you seem to be. They are too busy also with themselves and what others think. You do you, keep your focus and be calm at the end of the day; empowering yourself is the best feeling.

About Life

Time, money, existence revolves around your life. The case of limiting beliefs for time is that “I don’t have time for that because I am busy“. You created a bubble that restricts others from entering.

Money is one belief in which can cause a lot of problems. They may believe that money is the root of all evil. One of the common limiting beliefs is that “I should have money to make money. I don’t have enough money so my life sucks”. This limits your view of life.

The existence of a feeling or a thing tends to eat us up. We believe that something does not exist, also a limiting belief. We choose to trust things that are unthinkable as a way to cope up with not trying. This is not a positive way of thinking.

How to Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

It is easy to overcome limiting beliefs, and you have the right to change them right now. Accepting and letting go could be an essential matter. Listed here are positive elements that could help combat what you believe.

Write Your Beliefs

Jotting down your thoughts can help ease what’s eating you up. Limiting beliefs can hold us back from experiencing life. It is important to know them so that we could do something. Maybe you can write some limiting beliefs about money then note down how you can deal with it.

Create Alternative Beliefs

Creating beliefs is a step that you can do to support your limiting beliefs. Think of ways that you might think are wrong. Start from this, and then you can make your way up.

“Why am I so bad at this? I need to be someone else for them to like me”. 

Maybe they don’t like me because I am too short. Don’t fret because someone will definitely like you for who you are. Practice all the things you have written down. Then you will realize it will be all worth it. Just keep ongoing, feel them, and that’s the time you will notice that you have control over your beliefs.


Having clear and organized life helps those struggling with limiting beliefs. An organized and calm-looking environment will have a positive effect on your outlook. It can improve the way you think and act or even your mental health.

Involve in interior designing, tidy up your room, paint the walls white. This can be very meaningful and help alleviate positive energy. In this way, by having peaceful surroundings then you can have the little happiness that you deserve.

Minimalistic Lifestyle

Minimalism is a way of living that anyone can try. It involves decluttering unnecessary things and owning materials that are only essentials. One instance is that you have low self-esteem if you wear clothes that are not in fashion. 

The tendency is you clutter clothes all over. The limiting belief here is that you are afraid of what someone else thinks the way you dress. Take note that having self-confidence is the best fashion you have.


To achieve self-love and healing, meditation can help. You just need to schedule your free time for meditation. The goal of meditation is to empty your mind, feel the connection between body and soul. Meditation has many benefits that maybe can help to focus your true beliefs. In the long run, engaging in meditation will have a positive feeling, and you will attain the best version of yourself.

Personal Success

Happiness comes from self-contentment. Our goal in life is to seek happiness. But, there are times that hindrances arise. Like having to limit beliefs that can stop you from doing what you like.

If there are opportunities that knock on your door for your growth, grab them. Work on yourself, be confident that you will surpass them. There are different ways to develop yourself by reading books, internalizing, listening to podcasts, and many more.

Seeking Help

If the matter comes to worst, and you can’t control it, they’re what we call counseling. Counseling focuses on awareness of personal problems. They help to identify goals and solutions needed by the client.

A therapist can play a role in supporting what you have been struggling with. Suppose you are on the verge of deep anxiety and depression. To the point you are losing yourself, please seek help.

Do Not Let Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Think about the future that holds for you. All the things that are fated for you. Find your happiness and keep working on your list of beliefs. List all the good ones and remove the negative ones as listed in this article which serves as your support system.

Kentucky Counseling Center (KCC) can help your problems. Seek support now and talk to therapists and counselors of KCC. Do not be afraid to face your fears, counteract those beliefs, and continue to live a contented life. You will be surprised at how much you’ve grown.

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